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n. Portmanteau of the words “Better and Strategy”, also an innovative young company providing a proven, stable and ever evolving software platform.
We design, code, develop, produce and deploy our suite of software that allows clients keep abreast of their online business. Whether it’s online or land-based retail shops, our integrated platform delivers, allowing operators to focus on the running and expansion of their business.
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Omnichannel Digital Offering

Whether your business is online or retail centric, our platform is ready to handle it. Our clients hail from diverse sectors including hospitality, entertainment, sports, finance, marketing and many other B2B and B2C industries. We focus on delivering platform agnostic, scalable solutions that adapt to our clients’ requirements and deliver on time and within budget.


Besides our front facing product, the backbone of our integrated solution is our CRM offering. Our back office is integrated with our retail and online product allowing our client a seamless handling of all their business activity. We believe in the basic notion that business is built on relationships and our offering allows our clients to have laser focus on building and maintaining their business.

3rd Party Integrations

Our modular approach to implementing solutions allows us to quickly integrate and take advantage of existing 3rd party solutions. We have an array of systems providers and extensive list of payment providers already integrated into our platform. Whether it’s ad tracking, data analytics or international product and asset management, we have you covered.


Data is king! One of our strengths is our suite of data analysis tools. We can track every user transaction flow and build up an accurate picture of our clients’ business. This allows us to help predict trends and for our clients to always be two steps ahead, allowing for pre-emptive business strategy rather than reactionary.

Localization & Customizability

We are an international company with an international client base who in turn serve multiple markets. Our products are designed with localization in mind. This is not only at a language level, but we create our software to be easily customizable and allows our clients to configure, theme and brand our products according to their market exigencies.


We have fully embraced cloud-based technologies in order to stay at the cutting edge and pass on every benefit to our clients. The flexibility afforded allows us to provide our clients with a scalable solution that adapts to their needs. This allows resources and infrastructure to be allocated on an as need basis, saving on unused overhead whilst ensuring high integrity and security.


Function, With Style.

Besides offering an amazing back office product, we pride ourselves in being able to design and deploy tailor made applications. Our front-end development team can help you design and create your business web site, application or mobile application. Compliant with the best practices, using the latest technologies allowing for fast, efficient and modular products.

You dream it. We build it.

We can help your business from the very first steps from brand creation right through to the deployment of your app in mobile App Stores. If you have an idea for the latest and greatest app or business solution, we can advise on strategy and technology, but most importantly, we can turn your project into reality - a complete online product backed up with our integrated CRM and CSM solutions should they be required.

We support You

Our products evolve with your needs. We start out with creating a project but our relationship with our client does not end there. We continue to update and refine our front-end solutions as we go to make sure our products are kept up to date using the latest technologies. We also offer round the clock support for our business-critical products.



Our team is spread over two offices, in Belgrade, the Serbian capital and St Julian’s - Malta’s business district. Both offer us advantages in recruiting top talent in the IT and business support fields. In fact, our teams are a true international amalgamation of talents and our staff hail from Malta, Serbia, Italy, Hungary, The UK & Ireland, Australia, Germany, Brazil, Nigeria & South Africa amongst others. The international feel of our team means we get a more global perspective as well as attracting top talent, meaning we can better serve our international clientele.

Our teams comprise several specialists in various IT and software fields as well as business intelligence and analysis. We have teams focused on IT infrastructure, Database Systems, Backend and Platform Software Engineers and developers, a dedicated frontend team and SEO and marketing optimisation experts.

When not busy creating and perfecting their next releases, the teams enjoy some downtime in a relaxing environment and some of our great team activities.

St Julian’s, Malta

Our HQ in Malta offers us a base where we can tap into a highly skilled English-speaking labour force and a location many prospective team members are happy to relocate to for various reasons including the sun, the sea and the lifestyle afforded by the EU’s southernmost state.


Our branch office in Serbia offers another high-level pool of talent at our doorstep. Our location in mainland Europe offers great connectivity and one of the richest pools of IT specialists in the region. Our staff enjoy the amenities that the city offers together with its historical and cultural locations as well as the great outdoors and wide open spaces in and around the city.



We are always on the lookout for great talent to complement our team. Click the link below to view our current vacancies or to submit an open application.